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Fat Mo's

Fat Mo's

Address: 1053 Budapest Nyári Pál utca 11


Infoline: 00 36 20 536 2616


(Fat Mo Bootleg and Music Club) refers to the time when fat Mo finally admitted that the old saying was right: "if you can't conquer them, join them" and in 1927 he opened his bootleg liquor store.


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Reviews Fat Mo's

Posted by Peter

Fat Mo's is a great pub in Budapest. The wines and the a foods are amazing. There are lots of concerts and great shows here. If you want to spend a great time in a pub, don't hesitate, your place is in Fat Mo's!

Posted by Marta

The Map is not correct. Search the address 1053 Budapest Nyári Pál Street 11, Hungary in any map site. It is in the hearth of downtown, great place, good music and nice wine selection for a reasonable price.

Posted by Restanaesmemy

A girlfriend of mine took me to Fat Mo’s for a great blues concert. If you like live music, this one comes definitely recommended. there are several live concerts here each week, the atmosphere is incredible, everyone’s really nice. Oh yes, and the food is sensational, so you’d better try and get a table somehow..:)

Posted by Chris

It’s a nice little place with a very unique atmosphere close to downtown, practically at a 5 minute walking distance from the city centre. I think we were lucky since we found ourselves in the middle of a blues concert when we arrived and I am pretty much fond of blues. The place was packed; many of the guests were having dinner so this is a warm kitchen place as well. They had like 60 types of beer I couldn’t decide which one to choose but finally I managed to solve my ’problem’ and soon I was as cool as the atmosphere and the audience of the place. I recommend this place to anybody who likes pubs with live music and places where it doesn’t matter what you wear.

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