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Address: 1051 Budapest, Erzsébet tér 11-13.


Infoline: +36 30 419 5040


Fröccs means ’spritzer’ in English and the name perfectly reflects what this Budapest bar is really about: light, winey drinks, a young, chatty and vivid community, and finally: the ultimate opportunity to complete your experience in Budapest. From spring to early autumn, it’s the perfect place for a drink with friends; also, this Budapest terrace bar will also serve you dinner – and not only „street-food wise”. Should you visit Fröccsterasz in wintertime, heating will allow you to enjoy your drinks in full comfort. Once you decide to visit this Budapest bar, expect a bit of a crowd – the place is very popular amongst youngsters and tourists as well. Prices are slightly above the medium, but not over the top. Should you want to be part of the authentic buzz of the well-known Erzsébet Square, don’t miss the chance to visit Fröccsterasz!

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