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Irish Cat Pub

Irish Cat Pub

Address: 1053 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 41


Infoline: 00 36 1 266 4085


It's the Irish Cat Retro Party ('80s and '90s) on Thursdays, the Irish Cat Funky-R'n'B Party on Fridays, and the biggest danceable hits of the past 20 years on Saturdays, i.e. the Irish Cat Saturday Night, plus there is a great, ever-changing line-up of other events, and that's why the Irish Cat on Kálvin Square has been for 16 years the most perfect place for the young, the eternally young and the famous of Hungary, not to mention the many visitors and expats from other countries.


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Reviews Irish Cat Pub

Posted by Wade

Last night me and my friends went to Irish Cat Pub before we moved on to a party place. The people who like Irish traditionals will have a great time here. The pub's atmosphere was like one of a pub in Ireland.

Posted by Steve84

A characteristically Irish pub with a real pub atmosphere, but in a trendy setting. We were there during the week and even though the place wasn’t exactly crowded, it still felt absolutely full of life. The music is fantastic, the staff contribute a great deal to the good atmosphere and what’s more important, there’s girls everywhere. It isn’t exactly in the middle of the centre, but it’s well worth a couple of minutes’ walk if you’re downtown.

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