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Address: 1051 Budapest, Ostrom u. 14


Infoline: 3612128017


A bar is the venue of social life. People come here to meet each other, to make exchanges and not least to get to know each other, with alcoholic drinks to help the mingling. Here you can relax after a hard day or week with a drink, while socialising with the right selection of people can be useful for the coming days and weeks.


Best bars in Budapest

Reviews Oscar

Posted by Melo

Oscar is one of the finest bar in Budapest. I've been here many times in my life but I just can't get enough of this place. The atmosphere is just amazing in here. The people are friendly and I always get the feeling that we are a big family. The drinks are fine too and you always find a person you can talk with. I recommend all the people who like bars to try this one!

Posted by shuba

This place is not bad and the music was more my kind compared to the other pubs in Budapest that I have been to. For me music is THE determining factor so if music is not right I am immediately out of there.

Posted by achekds2

One of my Hungarian friends took me here for the first time and showed me Oscar. Then I went back there alone some other time. For me this pub had the best atmosphere and I found that among all the places I had been in Budapest the people were the friendliest here.

Posted by ajaurdal

We had a company party held at Oscar the other day. Thank God, there weren’t too many of us because the place was not too big. For me this place was not so convincing because I like more spacious places with less smoke inside but it was still OK.

Posted by Thopyzoob

This was the first place we went to on my friend’s birthday. It’s a friendly pub with a great atmosphere.

Posted by bigpaul

We found this ’gem’ offered by some of my friends from Budapest hidden on a quiet little street on the Buda side. Since our hotel was located on the Buda side as well, it seemed to be an ideal choice for a little Friday night warm-up. The planned warm-up turned out to be a party lasting till the morning. It was fantastic. Oscar is mostly visited by people in their 30’s but of course you can find there the younger generations presented as well. Music was awesome they played a wide range of music from today’s club music to the hits of the 80’s and at just the right time. The party was unbelievable, everybody was cool, this club is a real cosmopolitan place!

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