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Address: 1051 Budapest, Roosevelt tér 7-8.


Infoline: 00 36 70 396 7892


Right in the heart of Budapest, by the Chain Bridge on the Pest side of the city, surrounded by 5 star hotels, in an elegant environment, on the side of the pedestrian zone leading to St. Stephen's Basilica closer to the Danube, lies one of the most elite club venues of Budapest. Every Friday and Saturday night, Creol Bar offers danceable, quality funky tunes to everybody who likes good music and partying. Its comfy furniture and couches make it ideal for even a dinner. Or you can also enjoy an exceptional panorama sipping your cocktail on the terrace from spring through autumn. It has the kick, the vibe, the character, so it could be the ideal venue for your corporate event as well!


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Reviews Creol

Posted by RokSkemnGom

We were in Budapest with my female friends and we visited a place called Creol. We went over from the disco next to it, I do not remember its name, however, we had to escape due to the crowd. In my opinion Creol is a place that definitely depends on the company. It has a quite nice design, the bar part is also beautiful, music is very average, and most people there are apparently visiting the place for the first time, I think the place does not really have regular guests, it is more based on tourists. If you are surrounded by the proper people, you may enjoy the place, there is not too much crowd and cocktails are also fine.

Posted by abhiyadav

usually when we decide to chill out with friends we chose Creol mainly because of the composition of the audience there. I think this is the place where the most civilized people gather together and this place has the best women/men ratio which is quite an important aspect as well. Sometimes I feel like the music is a little old fashioned for me but if I had enough we have Ötkert right next to Creol, so we go there several times a night.

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