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Address: 1051 Budapest Zrínyi u. 4


Infoline: 00 36 70 330 8652


A trendy pub and much more in the heart of the city centre. With its youthful style and colourful, ever-changing interior Ötkert is the ideal venue for any event. We put a roof over our patio for the winter when we also provide heating in the form of hot air ventilation, therefore neither rain or cold weather can keep our events from being successful. We also have an exhibition space available with adjustable lighting and freely arrangeable exhibition walls. It is a multifaceted venue, with a capacity of up to 1000 persons


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Reviews Ötkert

Posted by James

I travelled to Budapest with my girlfriend for a holiday. We wanted to try the nightlife of Budapest, so we went to Ötkert. We had a great mood when we get there, but as the time went on, it disappeared. The place was too crowded and the music was terrible. I heard five different music styles within an hour. The drinks that we had were fine, but we couldn't get over the poor quality music, so we left the place.

Posted by Caren

nowadays the ötkert and the trafiq are the two best places...we got there every weekend. The music is better in the trafiq, though it’s a pretty snobbish crowd. In the ötkert the crowd is fine, but the music is a bit old school.

Posted by isana66

It wasn’t a great experience, to tell the truth, we almost turned around at the door. I got rather sick of it right at the beginning because of the awful queue. My mood didn’t improve much inside, it was so crowded, and the music was even sketchier than the clientele. Really, it was the people that put me off, a motley crew, and I don’t mean that in a romantic way. I wouldn’t care that every layer of society was represented in one nightclub, however here the sweaty, unkempt dregs of society push you from place to place in their revels. Getting back to the music, was just bullshit. After a worn out rock hit from the 70’s came a rap number, then some house, but even that was the lame kind. I don’t get it, but it seems people have got so undemanding, because they jumped up and down to every number as if their lives depended on it. I guess I’ve had about enough of Ötker. I don’t recommend it to anybody with any standards about the company they keep or the place they choose to do their partying.

Posted by mirandola

Well, to tell the truth I have had a bit ambivalent feelings about this place since yesterday night spent at Ötkert. Maybe it was me who was not tuned to it, however, considering those opinions saying what a cool place it is I am quite disappointed. I liked the design of the place. There are quite a lot of bar counters, and you can relatively quickly get to a drink even if there is a crowd. And there will surely be a crowd. Getting in is also quite difficult. If you do not arrive in time it may take an hour for you to get in as so many people are let to enter the place as many people leave it. And when you are finally inside, there is a terrible crowd, and what disturbed me very much was music. The music is impossible to describe. At least in my opinion. They prefer playing hard rock such as AC/DC, and when three such disgusting songs are over, the dj goes on with today’s house music. Then you start to believe it will be ok, but he continues with something like Elvis Presley.. So it is horrible. As for me, I will surely avoid this place if I visit Budapest again, but you know, tastes differ. Some of you will surely like it.

Posted by tamaxs

I was here twice during my stay in Budapest. I spent a whole week just going out and we went to a couple of cool places, of which I liked Ötkert the best. It’s located on the backyard of an old house in the city centre, it’s like one of those trendy ruin pubs, but a lot posher. The music, the people, everything is really mixed, like a melting pot of many styles. You can’t really put your finger on what Ötkert is really like, this is typically the kind of club you have to see to believe, it can’t be put into words.

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