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Address: 1051 Budapest, Vörösmarty tér 7-8


Infoline: 00 36 1 429 9023


A rendezvous with tradition and evolution in the heart of Budapest

Located on Vörösmarty Square in the heart of Budapest, the Onyx Restaurant, opened its doors in April 2007.  With the opening of the restaurant it was our goal that there be a restaurant of high international standing in Hungary.

The kitchen staff have worked together for almost 10 years; it is in part thanks to this, that the restaurant has so quickly become a well-known and recognized in Hungary. Under the direction of executive chef Szabina Szulló and sous-chef Tamás Széll, only foods prepared with the finest ingredients, using the latest technologies appear on the menu of our 55-seat restaurant. We have invested a lot of energy in researching regional ingredients. The result has led to the creation of our Hungarian Evolution Menu, where the freshest, highest-quality domestic ingredients and new technologies are used in the preparation and presentation of renewed and updated versions of traditional Hungarian cuisine. The Onyx Restaurant is located in the centre of the city, situated amidst the cities' finest hotels; as such, international dishes are also included on our menu. From our wine list, guests can choose from over 200 different wines. Thanks to one of the most modern vacuum wine storage systems, we also offer 16 types of wine by the glass.

The members of the Onyx team are committed to quality and innovation. For many years we have conducted serious trainings and workshops for both student chefs and working chefs alike. We have achieved great results in this area. Presently, there are five staff members working in the kitchen who are winners of the Hungarian Jeunes Commis Rôtisseurs competition. After having won the Hungarian final herself, five of Szabina Szulló's protégés have gone on to do the same. And because we consider professional international experience to be important, it means a lot that our young chefs now participate in competitions for under-27s in Paris, South Africa, Australia, New York, and Bermudas.

We are particularly proud of Tamás Széll who won the 2008 and 2010 Tradition and Evolution competition held under the directorship of Christian Meyer and Philippe Gobet. This was the highest level professional competition ever held in this country.

We feel that our restaurant is popular with both Hungarian and international guests. We have been acclaimed by the professional press in this country on numerous occasions.  We have been ranked Number 3 in Hungary in the Hungarian Best Restaurant Guide for 2010. In the national newspaper Népszabadság's Top 100 list for 2010, we ranked as Hungary's 3rd Best Restaurant.  In the November 2009 issue of Decanter magazine, where we achieved 99 out of a possible maximum 100 points, the restaurant critic declared us the best restaurant in Hungary.




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Reviews Onyx

Posted by Jespi

A restaurant in the heart of Budapest, living up to the highest of expectations. I have been to lots of restaurants, but Onyx is certainly amongst the top five. If you want to see the masterpieces of Hungarian cuisine presented in a state of the art manner, you don’t have any other choice, but to go to this unique place in Budapest, Onyx is the only place, where you can witness this excellent level of combination of quality and local gastronomy. Onyx is a ’must see’ place at least once for all Budapest people and for tourists visiting Hungary.

Posted by Osemka

Well, this is the place that sets truly high standards. I don’t want to and I couldn’t find anything to complain about regarding the service and the quality of food here. The menu is fantastic; the way it is served and waited on the table is really unique, in other words I can recommend it to people who like quality and delicious food.


Since it’s been awarded a Michelin star I have been there several times with my partner and I can assure you this special acknowledgement was given for a good reason. Each meal served there is fantastic, the staff is professional, and the prices aren’t in the sky-high range as if this restaurant would be any of the ones of the same category abroad.

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