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Address: 1051 Budapest, Arany János u. 9


Infoline: 00 36 1 302 6473


It is not a coincidence that we quote a culinary expert at the beginning of our menu card, since his remark from 1839 is true, the Italian cuisine's major component is indeed tomato. "Not only have generations of Naepolitanians been made happy by the brilliant idea of adding tomatoes to noodles and pizza, but everyone else who appreciates and loves Italian cuisine."

This is exactly the reason why we chose the name Pomo D'Oro, which in this form means 'golden apple', however, written in one word its meaning changes to 'tomato'.

Originality is a key factor and we put great emphasise on it, this is why our head chef, Rosario, prepares a lot of dishes from his own collection of recipes apart from the traditional Italian meals. The dishes prepared in the guest area are very infamous, not only because they amaze the guests by their spectacular sight, but once someone tastes them, they will surely remember their wonderful taste for a long time.



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Reviews Pomodoro

Posted by Bruce

We had a fantastic dinner in the Pomodoro! I didn’t used to come here, but since they renovated it, it’s a lot better. The think that I really liked, though, was that they preserved the authentic Italian atmosphere, which you can only in very few places. The waiters were really fast and professional - the whole thing was really friendly. Gianni, the owner, gave everybody a hardy welcome as though into his own home. He was really attentive, laughing and joking. To put it briefly, the whole thing was phenomenal. I can recommend it to everyone.

Posted by Mype

Although, it was quite difficult to get a table, eventually our efforts paid off absolutely. We were almost starving by the time we were seated, so we almost ate through the whole menu...:) I was absolutely happy with everything. The waters were professionals, they were quick and friendly, the food was magnificent, and in short everything was superb. If you are into Italian cuisine, this is the right place to go to.

Posted by DEMEUSY

I have to admit I am not a fan of the Italian cuisine; I have been invited to a business dinner to Pomodoro. My colleagues kept on telling me to try sea food; so far I wasn’t ready to put anything like it into my mouth except fish. I wouldn’t say that from now on this is going to be the only thing I will eat but it doesn’t disgust me anymore thanks to the professional chef and the mouth-watering way of serving the food at Pomodoro. The atmosphere of the restaurant is simply fascinating; the guests as far as I could hear are foreigners from all around the world, so altogether Pomodoro is a very friendly, fashionable, popular and colorful place.

Posted by DashaOlssen

If you want to go to an Italian restaurant, no question: it must be pomodoro. I’ve heard about this fantastic place before my visit to Budapest and I could hardly wait to experience in person what I’ve heard from my friends. Well, I can surely say that these delicious meals and this atmosphere you can’t enjoy anywhere. During my one-week visit I have been there four times with my wife and we couldn’t get tired of the place, in the contrary, since then we always talk about it with the family and could hardly wait to go back there.

Posted by PoKo

The best Italian restaurant by far not only in Budapest but probably in the whole Europe…! Ok, maybe I go too far with this statement but I have definitely been impressed by the food and the owner, Gianni’s hospitality and professionalism, the delicious Italian wine and cheese together with the lively atmosphere that I found there every night. I definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants more than a pizza if they think about Italian cuisine.

Posted by John

Before I arrived at Budapest I have heard from my friends that there’s an Italian restaurant that is better than most of the ones in Italy. Seeing is believing, I said. I have to tell you I travel quite a lot and I can call myself a fan of Italian cuisine so wherever I go I try to find a good Italian restaurant and eat there. So I have some experience to rely on. It’s not a coincidence that Pomod’oro restaurant has such a good reputation. I had to make a reservation quite in advance and while I was there I saw people standing in long lines hoping they can get an empty table. As for the food it was perfect. I love sea food, mussels and here everything I tried was impeccable. I have to admit during my visit in Budapest I went back to this restaurant twice and I couldn’t find anything exceptionable so if I had to rate Pomod’oro I would give it the highest rating and if I come back to Budapest again I will surely visit this place.

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