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P1 Budapest

P1 Budapest

Address: 1051 Budapest, Sas utca 9.


Infoline: 00 36 20 269 8351



P1 is an internationally recognised club. In the reports on several internet forums and blogs it is mentioned as a well-known place in the entertainment industry of Budapest, and it is ranked in the "You must see it" category.

It is the award winning night club in 2010 for all categories, receiving by far the most votes in the poll with the participation of several thousands of foreign visitors. Employing the most beautiful girls, it is the bar that is the trendiest, safest, and renders the most services, as characterised by tourists with the words "do not miss it".

Due to the above mentioned reasons, and also to the Open Bar voucher provided by the club until December costing only 20 Euros (!) it is by far the most visited and popular erotic entertainment venue. Table reservations are recommended, especially at the weekends. Contrary to other similar clubs, P1 can be characterised by party-atmosphere, fair and correct prices, and a frantic party feeling. Therefore, besides business men, the place is also popular among young people.


Important information:

P1 guests are asked to take advantage of the club's completely free driver service within Budapest instead of arriving by an external taxi company, or simply to walk to the club.

The reason why this is important to the club is because it has to pay a commission for the guests arriving by external taxi companies so these guests may not use the bonus services rendered by the club.


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Reviews P1 Budapest

Posted by michael93

Last week I celebrated my 20th birthday with my friends. They decided to take me to the best night club in Budapest, P1 Gentlemen's Club. It was a fantastic experience for us. The staff were friendly and helpful with us. Naturally the best thing in the night was the performance of the girls. They were beautiful and they had perfect body. I couldn't get off my eyes off them. This was the best birthday party of my life!

Posted by Malcolm

I was invited to one of my friend's stag party at P1. I heard rumors before, that P1 is the best night club in Budapest, so I was very excited about it. The services that P1 can offer, are far the best that I've ever experienced! The girls were very friendly with us at the whole night. They are the sexiest women that we ever saw in a strip club. We bought an all you can drink voucher and we drank as much alcohol as we could. At the end of the night I felt like this was the best night of my life. Thank you P1 for this fantastic night!

Posted by Andrew

Last night was unforgettable – thanks to the staff at P1 for the fantastic experience! Thank god, I looked it up on the internet and everybody recommended the P1, so we exchanged a few emails with them and reserved a table for ourselves. Good thing, too, because it was packed. A message for anybody going in a big group, the way we did: ask for a discount, there are several kinds to choose from, and you can really save a handsome sum. Five of us went to throw a bachelor party for a friend of ours, and we partied though the whole night, and we managed it all from just 200 euro – we didn’t even have to pay for a taxi, since the nightclub sent their own car out for us. The service and the hospitality of the girls were without par, and we won’t forget them as long as we live. A world of thanks again to the P1; I’m going to recommend this place to everyone!

Posted by sersal1967

I was wholly satisfied with the services of p1. To be exact, I was more than satisfied, I was blown away. The way they welcome you and serve you, the hospitality, it was all amazing, the girls were gorgeous and extremely friendly. And all there is to write about the prices is we got open bar for € 20, so we could drink as much as we could of any drink of our choice. When I return to Budapest, the first thing I will do will be visit P1.

Posted by poplift

This really is by far the coolest nightclub not only in Budapest, but in the entire country. I’ve been living here for quite some time now and we’ve been pretty much everywhere with my mates/colleagues. We were almost fed up with Hungarian clubs when at the beginning of last summer P1 opened, an unexpected breath of fresh air for this rather bleak scene. Trust me, if you happen to be in Budapest, you definitely have to take an evening off and visit P1 for a couple of drinks either before partying or after a club night to chill out.

Posted by LK71

We went to Budapest for the stag party of a very good friend of mine and of course we wanted it to take place at the perfect strip club. Luckily I didn’t choose the venue at random, but started trawling the web well in advance, because I heard that there are many Hungarian clubs where frauds are frequent. After a couple of days of browsing I found P1. Everything I read about them was positive, so I wrote them an email. They were really nice and helpful, I had practically all of my questions answered right away, so eventually we agreed on everything, which really wasn’t difficult. When we arrived to Budapest, we called the club immediately and they came for us with two vans, which took us to the venue free of charge. Everything the club had to offer was fantastic. It’s all you can drink for 20 Euros, which is basically for free, you don’t have to pay on the door and the girls are so beautiful they left us speechless. The highlight of the night was when the groom-to-be got stripped down naked on stage during a hilarious 15-minute show that had us roaring with laughter. Bottom line is we had a great time at P1 and we’ve been dying to go back to Budapest and that club ever since we arrived home. Comes definitely recommended!

Posted by Bob

Fantastyc club! Thx for Barbie for the great night!!

Posted by P1 is the best!!!

P1 is far the best strip bar in budapest! Great atmosphere, beautiful girls and friendly staff. I love this club!!!

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